Jason Graham for City Council​​
Fredericksburg Ward 1​
Jason is a tireless advocate for improving our city and the surrounding region. He has supported education through the Germanna Foundation, participated in cleanup projects with Friends of the Rappahannock, and volunteered his time through his neighborhood finance committee. Jason works for a large management consulting firm in DC, which means he's gotten very familiar with the commute on the VRE. When he's not at work or on the train he enjoys riding his bike on the VCR Trail, reading, and spending time with his family. Jason lives in Idlewild with his wonderful wife, Stephanie, and their two young daughters. 
Fredericksburg is one of the fastest growing cities in Virginia and we must do more to plan for this growth. Without a clear strategy and a willingness to stick to a plan, traffic here will increasingly look like the rest of Northern Virginia. Fredericksburg can maintain its charm and adapt to the demands of the 21st century, but only if we address this issue now. The sprawl caused by haphazard planning is unsightly and drives away potential employers. Jason will fight for development policies that reduce traffic while increasing walkability. 
Jason grew up in a family that taught him the value of education, which means he learned that education isn't something that comes from learning how to take a test. Our children will be entering a truly global economy, and the skills they need don't come from memorization, they come from active participation. Jason will work closely with our School Board to provide the children of Fredericksburg every possible opportunity to explore their creativity and natural talents.
You deserve to be represented by someone who will speak with you more than just every four years. Jason pledges to hear your concerns and welcome an open dialogue. He knows it would be a privilege to represent the citizens of Fredericksburg on the City Council, and he will ensure that everyone in Ward 1 will be heard and their voices will be respected.